Here are list of jobs available in which I would be grateful if somebody did for me! All you need to do is mail me what you would like to do, then I will set a deadline for that information.

Match Previews - Write Match Previews. if you wish include stats, photographs etc.

Match Reports - Write Match Reports on games.

Photo collector - Collect Photos from the Web with permission from site owners.

Reserve Matches - Keep tabs on how things are going on in the reserves.

Youth Development - Keep up to date with information on the Youth Development at White Hart Lane.

News Reporter - Create your own News Stories from what you've heard etc!

News Collector - collect all the news on Tottenham from the Web!

Player Reviews - Write Player Reviews!

Historian - Write columns or find information on the Tottenham on yesterday!

Anything Else - What do you want to do. mail Me!