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I am not a very happy spurs fan. No, it's not because of the team, the boss or the backroom staff. It's the fans. They have been totally outrageous in recent matches, noticeably against Brentford. Booing the team was a disgrace. Yeah, the performance wasn't that good, yet it wasn't a performance which warranted the reaction they got from the home fans. It begs the question, does the home fans actually help the away team. I think so!
I was surprised and saddened by the comments from Aston Villa winger David Ginola on his former boss George Graham. he has come out to eh press and deliberately put George in hot water with the fans to get him the all clear from the Spurs faithful. It was Ginola's final decision to leave Tottenham, but now he has said that it wasn't Sugar, it was Graham and Ginola, who loves all the attention, is trying to put unnecessary pressure on Graham! Listen David, a message from me if by some miracle you happened to be reading this...SHUT UP!
Tuesday 15th August 2000 CRAIG BELLAMY LINKED
Craig Bellamy of Norwich City has been linked with a 4million pound move to Spurs! This is another move for young talent by David Pleat but he is reportedly facing competition from Wimbledon and Newcastle! I haven't seen this lad play, but I have heard a lot of player and he does sound a real talent and trust me, George knows what he is doing, but it was a shame not to see him play at all last season as he had broken his leg!
Sunday 13th August 2000 WELCOME BACK!
WELL, what a Summer! England completely buggering up in Holland and Belgium, Sergei Rebrov becoming Tottenham's most famous Ukrainian, Ginola leaving for Villa, Gica Popescu becoming even more friendlier with the Spurs fans in the UEFA Cup, Spurs being linked with every bloody foreigner in Euro2000, the Spurs fans revolt against George Graham, Spurs signing Two WOMBLES, A fairly successful Pre Season, Manu Petit and Marc Overmars being sold (ha ha ha) Les Ferdinand SCORING???, Match of the day going to ITV, Allan Nielsen being sold and Newcastle spent 7million on Carl Cort?

I really can't be bothered to talk about EVERYTHING that has happened this summer, but will be interesting is to see how we do next season. There is a lot of pressure under George Graham with the Spurs fans, and Sol Campbell could also come under the boo boys at White Hart Lane if he continues to be a spoilt little brat. I feel we will do well next year, and I look forward to it with optimism.


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